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Elements of Nature

Connecting through earth, water, and fire

Sacred Ritual & Prayer

Guides to making meaning and connecting with the divine

Scripture & Sacred Text

Words from wisdom traditions to comfort, encourage, and inspire


Practices for breathing, building awareness, and cultivating self-love

Art, Writing, & Music

Creativity and inspiration for healing of the body, mind, and spirit

Stories & Perspectives

Stories from people who have been where you are

Body Movement & Pain Relief

Restorative and pleasurable ways to care for your physical body

Other Resources

Additional abortion care and support resources, health information, and more

About us

We are pro-choice faith leaders.

As more and more people use abortion pills, we know that there will be times when people may not have the in-person support they deserve before, during, or after their abortions. That’s why we created this site, first and foremost. To accompany people on their abortion journey, no matter where they are in the process.

We also know that many people who have abortions are people of faith, and it can be hard to find affirming and compassionate spiritual resources online in a sea of religious anti-abortion extremism. Our dream is for this site to be a resting place, a sacred space of comfort and care for people on their abortion journeys.