My abortion.

Doesn’t God give us freedom of choice? 



My abortion. 

What a blessing. 

Where would I be without it? 

Would I be? 

I still haven’t decided God’s judgment value on my choice. 

But my body knows well that my choice was sacred. 

That I am loved. 

The breath in my lungs, a loving partner, a community that cares for me communicates that my choice didn’t send me to hell. 

That God loves me very much.

Doesn’t God give us freedom of choice? 

Minds to think? 

Hands to do? 

I think my choice is between me and my God. 

My context, my story, even the judgement if there is any to be had. 

My God and I can work through that together. 

I will fight for your choice to between you and your God too.