Spell of protection before going to the clinic

Be with me as I remember the sovereignty and wholeness of my body.


You can light a candle to cast this spell, or lay hands on your heart and your belly. Move however you are led to. If someone is there with you, they could help you cast this spell by speaking it with you. 


Calling on the grandmothers, great-grandmothers, ancient ones and nearby kin who have walked this path before me


Calling on the wisdom and balance of the Earth, home to birth, death, emergence, growth, disintegration, renewal, grief, and joy, all


Calling on my own strong spine and my own soft heart, my own holy sovereignty and my own tenderness


Wrap me now in a warm blanket of safety and assurance 


Of ancestral support


Of step by step


Of breath by breath


Help me feel the sacredness of this choice, the humanness of it


Help me trust all the emotions that may be present and may emerge, that they may guide me to my healing 


Bless the hands and hearts of the nurses, doctors, and healers who will be with me today and in the days to come


If I encounter anyone who would block my way, wrap a golden shield of energetic protection around me and allow me to pass with my heart unscathed


Be with me as I remember the sovereignty and wholeness of my body


Breathe with me and let me be filled with the assurance that I am not alone, that so many walk alongside me, hand in hand, backwards and forwards, through the centuries and into the future, that there are those who even today will go to the clinic at the same time as me and make the same complicated, holy choice


Help me, today, to trust the process


To know that there is nowhere I can go that God is not


To remember that I am never alone


May it be so.