You are not alone

Feeling alone doesn’t mean you are alone.


You are not alone.

Feeling alone doesn’t mean you are alone.

You’re telling yourself:
my situation is different,
no one is saying what I’m feeling,
she is luckier than me,
he doesn’t understand…

You aren’t alone.
You’ve been taught to believe that
you are alone.

We humans attach ourselves to made-up stories,
and most of them are lies.

Believing you’re alone gives you permission to stay stuck,
permission to be a victim,
permission to feel the pain you are feeling.

And it gives someone else your power.

You don’t need permission to suffer.
You need permission to heal,
to come alive,
to thrive.

You need to take back your power.


Excerpt with permission from ‘What I Wish: 100 love notes to help you survive, come alive, and thrive after abortion’ by Amanda Kingsley.