You can trust yourself

Trust is built within.


You can trust yourself.

Stop looking to your past for evidence that you can be trusted with important things.
Your past only exists in your present thoughts. 

Life wasn’t given to you to get right.
There exists no right.
Only right now.

Right is inside you.

It can’t be determined by someone else’s beliefs
someone else’s judgments
or someone else’s playbook.

Right isn’t proven by what you did—
it is determined by what you do next.

Life was given to you to play
to explore
to feel
to get messy.

Trust is built within.

Trust yourself
to keep showing up
to keep believing
to purposefully and compassionately keep going.


Excerpt with permission from ‘What I Wish: 100 love notes to help you survive, come alive, and thrive after abortionby Amanda Kingsley.