Getting Ready

Practical things to think about before your abortion with pills


Just like packing a bag for the hospital, it might help to think about what will make your abortion as comfortable and safe as possible. 

Some items you may want to gather before your abortion:

For pain and discomfort

  • Tylenol or ibuprofen for cramps
  • Ginger candies, ginger ale, or peppermint candy or tea for nausea
  • A heating pad for cramps (simple instructions to make your own)
  • Pads for bleeding

For processing 

  • Journal or notebook
  • Colored pencils, markers, or paints
  • Favorite comforting sacred text, scripture, or devotional
  • Favorite music

For comfort

  • Comfortable and non-restrictive clothes 
  • Cozy socks, slippers, blankets
  • Favorite foods, snacks, beverages
  • Candles, essential oils, or fragrant herbs like lavender or mint
  • Favorite movies, books, magazines, or podcasts

Curious about what to expect?

Check out this Planned Parenthood article about abortion pills, how they work, and what it feels like to take them.

Other things to consider:

Can someone help you look after your children during this time? Can someone be on standby to drive you to a hospital in case of emergency? You don’t have to tell them why if you don’t feel comfortable. 

A good number to keep on hand is the Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline, which can help if you have questions or concerns during your abortion., call or text 1-833-246-2632